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Understanding Your Enterprise’s Data with Knowledge Graphs

October 14, 2021Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Your enterprise has data scattered across a wide variety of sources. The ability to extract that information and get meaning from it to make intelligent decisions is crucial to the state of your business.

Interactive patient summary

November 4, 2019Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

In recent years, the increasing significance of digitalization has also made itself felt in the healthcare sector.

Mindbreeze – The Gigafactory for your Mailroom

August 11, 2016Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Vienna. While I was enjoying my delicious breakfast, I skimmed the latest articles of on my smartphone. Suddenly I happened to encounter an article. An article about Tesla’s new visionary production factory “Gigafactory” in the middle of the desert.

Mindbreeze: Trends in the area of incoming mail classification for 2016

January 14, 2016Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

While service portfolios in the banking and insurance sectors are analogous, the ever-growing mountain of data resulting from digitization offers a huge opportunity to improve customer service.