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Knowledge Extraction with Mindbreeze Insight Services

May 17, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Mindbreeze’s Knowledge Extraction Service focuses on the semantic meaning behind the sentences and information in documents.

The Mindbreeze InSpire Proactive Insight Service

May 10, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

The Proactive Insight Service is at the core of Mindbreeze integrations delivering targeted insights to stakeholders with concrete business needs.

The Mindbreeze InSpire Semantic Relation Insight Service

May 3, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

The Mindbreeze Semantic Relation Service can build relations between different data sources and use data from one source to enrich data in another.

Classification with Mindbreeze Insight Services

April 21, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Mindbreeze’s Classification Service allows anyone to become an AI expert with no code required. Our built-in machine learning model is easy to modify and adapt to your most pressing business needs.

Entity Recognition Insight Service with Mindbreeze InSpire

April 7, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Have you ever been reading a long document or article just waiting to find the key points and what information is helpful to you?

Are You Familiar with Mindbreeze Insight Services?

April 5, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Here at Mindbreeze, all insight services are available to our customers out of the box. Each service is highly configurable to the individual requirements of the end-user.

Mindbreeze Insight Apps: What’s Your Business Objective?

March 31, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Developing an insight app without a concrete business need for a specific department or functional area is like hopping in your car and heading on a road trip without any directions.

Understanding Your Enterprise’s Data with Knowledge Graphs

October 14, 2021Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Your enterprise has data scattered across a wide variety of sources. The ability to extract that information and get meaning from it to make intelligent decisions is crucial to the state of your business.

Interactive patient summary

November 4, 2019Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

In recent years, the increasing significance of digitalization has also made itself felt in the healthcare sector.

Interaktives Patient Summary

November 4, 2019Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Die Digitalisierung hat in den vergangenen Jahren auch im Gesundheitswesen zunehmend an Bedeutung gewonnen.

Mindbreeze – The Gigafactory for your Mailroom

August 11, 2016Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Vienna. While I was enjoying my delicious breakfast, I skimmed the latest articles of on my smartphone. Suddenly I happened to encounter an article. An article about Tesla’s new visionary production factory “Gigafactory” in the middle of the desert.

Schlanke Poststelle durch Predictive Analytics

February 1, 2016Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

Predictive Analytics – oder das Lernen aus Erfahrungen ist jederzeit ein hoch aktuelles Thema. Im digitalen Zeitalter zählte stets nur der Mensch als intelligent, da er Dinge lernt und aus seinen Erfahrungen profitiert - bis jetzt.