Empowering Energy Professionals: The Role of Proactive Knowledge Management

Delve into a Mindbreeze case study on how proactive knowledge management was a vital tool for support professionals in the energy sector.

Understanding the Global Reach

With customers spanning over 180 different countries, this major energy player operates on a truly global scale. Proactive knowledge management ensures that support professionals have access to a centralized repository of information, facilitating seamless communication and issue resolution across diverse regions.

Tackling Legacy Systems Head-On

One of the significant challenges faced by the energy industry is dealing with outdated legacy systems. A proactive knowledge management system catalyzes change, streamlining the transition from antiquated technologies to cutting-edge solutions. This enhances operational efficiency and minimizes downtime, ensuring a smoother experience for both support teams and end-users.

Navigating the Ticket Surge

Managing a daily influx of over 1,000 tickets in 200 different areas in a high-demand industry might seem overwhelming, but it isn't with Mindbreeze!

Proactive approaches to knowledge management provide support professionals with the tools to categorize, prioritize, and swiftly address issues. This approach minimizes resolution times by centralizing information and solutions, offering a more responsive and customer-centric support system.

Tailoring Knowledge to User Needs

With 10,000 users in the equation, now using Mindbreeze InSpire, personalization is critical. Proactive knowledge management allows support professionals to tailor information to the specific needs of different user groups, supporting teams with targeted insights. 

The Case Study: A Closer Look

Examining a real-world scenario, implementing proactive knowledge management transformed a global energy company's support framework by replacing outdated legacy systems. This approach propelled support professionals towards unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in an ever-evolving landscape by addressing global reach, legacy system challenges, ticket surges, and user diversity.

Key Statistics:

  • Our customer equips 90% of the world's utilities
  • Over 1,000 daily support tickets in 200 different areas
  • Has customers in over 180 different countries
  • Now, 10,000 users at the company use Mindbreeze InSpire

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