Enhancing Customer Support with Mindbreeze Proactive Insight Service

Enhancing Customer Support with Mindbreeze Proactive Insight Service

The delivery of proactive insights to both customers and customer service agents is a quick and easy way to reduce the workload of support personnel and help customers receive quick and actionable insights.

Here is Trey Norman, Senior Presales Engineer, at Mindbreeze with a video demonstration on how proactive insights look inside our support portal.

In this example, a customer has logged into our support portal to ask the question, "How many connectors does Mindbreeze have?"

Mindbreeze treats the subject line of this support ticket as a search query. It then automatically delivers an answer snippet from our web article on connectors. Mindbreeze offers connectors to more than 450 data sources. Satisfied with the answer, the customer does not submit the support ticket.

In a separate instance, the customer submits a ticket with the summary, "I need to reset the filter in my Insight App."

A support agent at Mindbreeze is busy researching product configuration when the new support case comes in. When the agent opens up the case in Salesforce, the integrated Mindbreeze search app automatically triggers a query based on the case subject line. The agent then refines the search results and uses the embedded Mindbreeze app to attach the answer to the case.

Proactive insights are a prime way to take full advantage of your resources, helping your employees work quicker and smarter to satisfy company and customer needs.

Customer support is an organization-defining department and handling cases to a satisfactory level is a must for all successful companies. However, that is just one department. Imagine how proactive insights can strengthen other areas of your business as well.

For some ideas, we urge you to take a look at our functional areas and stay tuned for more examples and use cases.