The Mindbreeze InSpire Proactive Insight Service

The Mindbreeze InSpire Proactive Insight Service


The Proactive Insight Service is at the core of Mindbreeze integrations delivering targeted insights to stakeholders with concrete business needs. End-users can specify which information and data are most important to them. Dynamic dashboards allow users to focus on relevant information, providing actionable insights and increasing workflow efficiency. In customer service portals, proactive insights enable case deflection – providing answers to customers automatically and reducing the burden on support staff.

Key Takeaways

  • End-users are given the ability to specify which information and data is important to them.
  • Dynamic dashboards will show the user what really matters, allowing the focus to stay on relevant information.
  • Different use-cases for different departments will have two completely different dashboards.

For example, the finance team and marketing team will have two different dashboards highlighting the critical knowledge for the specific department. A marketing team's dashboard would consist of material like blog entries, social media schedules, marketing reports, and web analytics.

Of course, the above items being displayed wouldn't serve useful to employees working in finance. This is exactly why Mindbreeze InSpire gives customers the ability to personalize. For finance, a more number-driven dashboard with key performance indicators (KPIs), return on investment (ROI), and customer lifetime value (CLV) would be much more suitable.

Once you define your use case, the personalization and path towards proactive insights can begin.

Check out a demo in our video blog, "Enhancing Customer Support with Mindbreeze Proactive Insight Service."

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