Entity Recognition Insight Service with Mindbreeze InSpire

Have you ever been reading a long document or article just waiting to find the key points and what information is helpful to you?

Business documents have a lot of fluff and additional details – although necessary for some, specific pages, paragraphs, or sentences provide no use to others.

Rather than scanning through the entire document and spending valuable time looking for information, the Mindbreeze InSpire entity recognition service automatically lets you extract helpful and impactful details from your data.

A Lot More Intelligence Than Ctrl + F

Some may think that the Ctrl + F button on your keyboard is a viable option subject finding, but there are some significant differences to AI-powered entity recognition.

Firstly, Ctrl + F still causes users to search for terms one by one – not all that much of a time saver.

Secondly, Ctrl + F doesn’t add intelligence to the extracted entities and only shows you where they are located within the file or document. With Mindbreeze InSpire, every term is filled with context and insights, leading to better decision-making and a more thorough investigation into a topic.

Thirdly, synonyms cannot be recognized when searching for the term using Ctrl + F.

For example, if searching for Mindbreeze related information in a contract, Mindbreeze InSpire will provide relevant results whether the search term was “software solution,” “enterprise search solution,” “Mindbreeze Corporation,” or “Mindbreeze Software.”

Commentary on Mindbreeze InSpire’s Entity Recognition Insight Service

Mindbreeze allows numerous entities like people, organizations, dates, and locations to be extracted from structured and unstructured data, allowing customers to build custom thesauri and ontology. This capability permits customers to construct semantic relations between data sources.

All extracted entities can be presented to end-users directly and employed on the back end.

Stay tuned for real-world examples of entity recognition enabling process automation for contract reviews, approvals, and more tedious business processes like our DRUG360 use case.

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