Finding Purpose for Your “Future of Work” Technology

Finding Purpose for Your “Future of Work” Technology

Per Gartner’s introduction to the new work hub by Joe Mariano, Director Analyst,

“The new work hub is an assembly of differentiating team productivity applications created for employees with diverse needs and can be augmented with services for development, automation, AI and analytics.”

Based on Joe’s informational piece about the new work hub and composable business architecture, technology, and thinking, we will look at our very own Mindbreeze InSpire solution.

There must be a need when it comes to new technology rolled out in an enterprise or even just a department! What activity needs improvement?


We discuss this below in a previous post:

What to Consider for your Insight Engine Rollout: Identify the Use Case


Next, what is your overall goal with this solution? Besides just addressing. “what needs to be improved,” looking at the situation in context is critical. Do you want to speed up research by a certain amount of time with on-the-spot insights? Do you aim to make a specific department more efficient? If so, by how much and how will you measure this? There is a lot to unpack, but being precise in what you aim to accomplish and how you will measure it are much needed details for any operation.


Have a look at the blog below for inspiration:

What to Consider for your Insight Engine Rollout: Define the Success Criteria


It is critical to understand what you hope to gain from the process and where motivation from beginning the deployment in the first place even came from. Was there an internal push from employees to enhance a process? Or did it simply come from wanting to improve stats after management crunched the numbers?

This motivation needs to be communicated and come from the needs of employees. At the very least, the employees should also feel the need to enhance a process. Identifying who these initial groups of people are, whether a department or individuals who perform similar tasks, will be critical to any new work hub rollout. After observing how a particular technology performs with a targeted group, expansion and refinement can occur. All the work that comes with future work strategies must be justifiable and stem from employee and leader insight.

Doing so will allow organizations to pick the optimal technology that will enable their workforce for years.

Mindbreeze InSpire’s many product features and out-of-the-box insight services able companies to get the most out of their information.

In addition, our connectors allow us to make existing solutions within an organization more intelligent and more capable of finding business-transforming insights.