It learns from the best − You

Mindbreeze notes and homes in on the type of information you find most useful, learns to search intelligently,
and quickly recognizes content that other systems miss.

Product Features

Mindbreeze InSpire is delivered as a pre-installed Enterprise Search Appliance Box. Put the server box into the rack. Configure data sources. Start information crawling. Mindbreeze InSpire uses data enrichment to enhance the search index for new and updated information quickly. The time interval can be configured for updating the index every 10 minutes.

Many of the customers worldwide have developed their own custom search applications.

360-degree View of all Company Sources

Data is brought together from a wide variety of sources to provide employees or customers with a 360-degree view of the topics or customers relevant to them. Mindbreeze automatically makes data available across all application, department, and company boundaries.



Company Information

Mindbreeze InSpire finds all information about your company, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and contact persons.


Experts from different fields as well as their contact information are clearly displayed.


All documents, including their latest revisions, are quickly found and displayed using the preview function.

Personalized results for every group

Information is automatically processed in such a way that it corresponds to a specific role in the company. This gives different employees or groups a different view of the company's knowledge based on their specific touchpoints, even if they use the same information sources.


Insight App Designer

The editor, developed by Mindbreeze, contains a selection of design elements, or widgets, such as filters, which can be easily combined just the way you want them, without any prior programming knowledge.


Natural Language Processing

Search queries can be formulated in natural language.
The insight engine interprets the query and delivers relevant search results.


Using natural language processing (NLP) and natural language question answering (NLQA), Mindbreeze InSpire understands natural, human language and can identify people, institutions, locations, and time periods in multiple languages. 

By means of deep learning algorithms, linguistic interpretation is performed to determine the actual meaning of the content and to adjust the search results accordingly. Taxonomies, ontologies, and company catalogs serve as the basis for augmenting the system's knowledge base.
This also allows specific information such as in-house acronyms, branding, and preferred terminology to be identified and extracted. To further refine very specific subject domains, additional technical catalogs can be added and implemented at any time.

Find the expert

A Mindbreeze InSpire knowledge graph allows you to see the connection between real-world entities in an organized graph-structured model and gather actionable insights. 
You can clearly link a topic to the knowledge expert within your company and get quick intelligence in any area of the business. More information.

Digital Workplace Integration

Seamless Integration

Mindbreeze InSpire enables the connection of different data sources via connectors, as well as seamless integration into various applications and programs. This allows the system to be easily used with programs like Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook and ensures that users find all the essentials right away.

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