How Fluid Organizations Use AI To Strengthen Their People

How Fluid Organizations Use AI To Strengthen Their People

Many characteristics define a fluid or liquid organization, but agile and innovative seem to be the most consistent. To be agile and innovative and instill those traits throughout your enterprise, leaders can’t be the sole people with access to trends within their businesses and data inside and outside their organizations. You hear of many companies stuck in their “old ways” and less open to change. Those same companies were likely the ones slow to adapt during the pandemic when their workforce and customers needed them the most.

Although easier said than done, in a world where technology is power, it’s time to share some of that power with your employees so they can help steer your company in the direction you want it to go. As inevitable hurdles arise, whether it be as large as a pandemic or as little as pushback from a customer, employees will be better equipped to adapt and change course accordingly.

Listen To The Times And Digitize

Digital transformation and digitization are more than just buzzwords. They serve as the foundation for overhauling outdated business processes and creating a high-functioning and collaborative enterprise.

Giving your workforce the keys to innovative technologies that generate data and insights is an investment that leaders won’t regret. A significant pushback on this is feeling a loss of control over the workforce, but as a business leader, controlling shouldn’t be your goal. Instead, aim to create an environment that allows your people to be successful.

Digital transformation fuels this growth—it fosters connectivity and exchange within the organizational chart. You’ll always have someone in charge that must sign off on decisions within a company, but enabling individual departments to have more insight opens up numerous doors that were once closed. In addition, having revolutionary technology as part of your team makes you more attractive in the labor market when acquiring and keeping talented professionals.

Access To Information Drives Everything

Unfortunately, implementing a technology solution won’t do the trick alone. Fluid organizations are defined by so much more: customer obsession, the integration of product feedback, data-driven decision-making and the vision to scale and modify outdated business models, to name a few.

To be present for your customers and continuously enhance your product, people in customer-facing roles and product development teams need timely information because you can’t change what you don’t know. For departments to pivot their methods with the product or with a specific customer, insights into these subjects become not only helpful but critical.

Accessible knowledge is a driver for sound decision-making. If an organization wants to implement a new marketing strategy, analytics surrounding that initiative must be at the front and center of the conversation. No matter the subject or the business objective, having context on your data can make the strategic planning process more effective. With the correct information, anybody can be a problem-solver.

The Role Of AI

So, are you hungry to innovate and get more information into the hands of your workforce? Artificial intelligence (AI) can extract data from files within your company and combine it with knowledge compiled from external data sources. In addition, many AI solutions that connect data can integrate into popular business applications that are used every day. Proper integration makes it easier to find information and gather insights.

When you have many workers, this can boost efficiency and confidence in their work. No longer are product documents just for product teams, marketing pieces just for marketers or sales files just for the sales department. There are golden nuggets of information lying everywhere throughout your organization, and there’s no reason to leave it siloed or unable to be found.

Connect People With Information

The best organizations in the world are the ones that can pivot when necessary. The ability to shift successfully is a team effort, making connectivity essential to conquering goals and business objectives. Information and people are the most valuable aspects of a business, and the achievable outcomes by linking the two are truly remarkable.

You’ve already seen some incredible possibilities from global giants like Apple and Disney. To be agile, liquid or fluid, company leaders must approach their processes with people, technology and information at the top of their minds.