Integrating Insight Engines Into Your Digital Workplace

Integrating Insight Engines Into Your Digital Workplace

With the way we work undergoing significant changes, not utilizing proper technology that focuses on knowledge management would be a significant disservice to your enterprise. Perhaps, not focusing on the employee experience would be even a more considerable disservice. 

Currently, organizations have employees working from various locations. Similarly, they have data spread across multiple locations and departments. While not having the majority of your workforce under one roof at a specified time has become the norm, businesses should not have that same approach with their data.

To increase the effectiveness of your digital workplace strategy, extracting your company knowledge to a single application can have a revolutionary impact on the productivity of your workforce.

Seamlessly Integrating with Business Applications

By now, most employees have business applications they are comfortable working with, whether they are at the office, at home, or on their mobile devices. Integrating an Insight Engine, like Mindbreeze InSpire, into these existing applications can be seamless and highly beneficial to the way you work.

Everybody needs access to information to do their job, and since companies have a lot of it, it should be easy to find and not the responsibility of the employee to spend hours searching for it.

Mindbreeze InSpire provides you with seamless integration (insight apps) to have relevant information available when you need it within your enterprise, all while causing zero interruptions to your current workflow. The employee experience is ever-changing, and making the experience authentic and natural at every touchpoint is becoming a "must" for organizations. That's why seamless integration is so important to us and valuable to our customers.

The Impact on Employee Experience

Employee experience is not entirely dependent on the technology your company uses, but as long as it's a part of your company, optimization is critical at every touchpoint. The more and more digitized our working tools become, the more critical optimization becomes.

For example, suppose an employee is working in Microsoft Outlook and needs to access specific data to finish writing an email. In our case, they won't have to click away from Outlook and open their Insight Application in a new window to perform a search and then return to Outlook. They can stay put and perform that search right in the Microsoft Outlook search box, and the results will appear side by side to the task they are working on. Mindbreeze InSpire is always working behind the scenes of whatever you may be doing!

Digital Workplace Integation


That doesn't just hold for Outlook but works the same with SharePoint, our iOS app, our Salesforce integration, and countless other business applications.

Seamless integration and focusing on the employee experience when implementing new technology into your workforce promotes growth, innovation, saves you company time, and empowers your workforce by making their workday more manageable and productive.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on integrating seamlessly with your business applications and enhancing your digital workplace strategy with the power of artificial intelligence.

You can also view the recording of our Seamless Integration Webinar!