Mindbreeze Podcast Presents “Using Secure Large Language Models to Benefit the Enterprise”

Mindbreeze Podcast Presents “Using Secure Large Language Models to Benefit the Enterprise”

We are excited to share Episode 7 of the Mindbreeze Podcast: Illuminating Information – Using Secure Large Language Models to Benefit the Enterprise. For all episodes, please visit the podcast page located on our website.

Episode 7 Guest: Gerald Martinetz

In this episode, we are joined by Gerald Martinetz, the Head of Sales at Mindbreeze. Gerald is an expert in deploying language models that are secure and instrumental for enterprise use.

Episode Details:

Are you familiar with generative AI and language models? How can you use them securely you benefit your enterprise? Well, we answer this in the episode.

Large Language models (LLMs) are making many headlines in AI news, and business leaders are intrigued. However, many people wonder if they are secure and safe for business operations within an enterprise – especially regarding data protection, source validation, and relevancy of the outputs.

Integrating a language model into an insight engine, like Mindbreeze InSpire, elevates natural language processing to unprecedented heights.

We discuss text summarization, best practices to get started, and the benefits for enterprises.

Tune in for an insightful discussion and gain familiarity by listening to Gerald’s key advantages of adding business-focused language models to your workforce’s toolkit and essential things to keep in mind while doing so.

Tune in now!

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