On-Prem, Cloud, or Hybrid: Mindbreeze InSpire Does it All

On-Prem, Cloud, or Hybrid: Mindbreeze InSpire Does it All

With employees distributed, it is vital to have consistent experiences across workers’ devices.

Whether it be from their office desktop, home computer, laptop, or mobile phone, the location in which they work should not significantly impact their “digital employee experience,” also known as DEX.

To be successful in this area, looking at your infrastructure is essential. Your data and network location are crucial to delivering consistent experiences to your workforce.

Any digital solution an organization chooses to implement should account for where your company data is stored.

Is it on-premise? In the cloud? Or hybrid (co-located)?

Because infrastructure and data location are so important to successfully implementing a solution, Mindbreeze InSpire supports you no matter where your data is!

On-Prem Appliance

With the on-prem option, your data stays safe and sound, squarely in your data center.

Mindbreeze InSpire comes ready to use as an “appliance box” that is then securely integrated into the company’s data center. The appliance has several different data sources, such as databases, CMS systems, etc.

The box pulls the data from the different applications, consumes and analyzes it, and creates an index catalog that enables the search.


Index the data from your cloud solutions without unwieldy migration.

Are you already using cloud solutions to handle a broad range of data? For this use case, we offer a SaaS deployment option that features the same outstanding ease-of-use and best-in-class functionality as on-premise.

Mindbreeze InSpire indexes the data directly from various cloud applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Office 365, processes the information, and consolidates it into a corresponding search index.


Sensitive data remains secure in your data center while data from cloud solutions are indexed directly.

Whether company data is in the cloud or on-premise, Mindbreeze gives companies the ability to index both. On the one hand, Mindbreeze InSpire comes ready to use as an appliance box, and every item of data from the various applications is consumed and analyzed on-premise. On the other hand, data from cloud services is indexed directly from the cloud, a combination that creates a hybrid search.

Thanks to the standard hybrid search index, users can now search both the cloud and the on-premise applications using a single search query.

Please get in touch with us today so we can help support you regardless of where your data sits!