One Solution for all Knowledge Management Needs

One Solution for all Knowledge Management Needs

Mindbreeze InSpire does it all for your enterprise information-finding needs.

With tons of people spread throughout the company with different skill sets, experiences, departments, locations, and responsibilities – finding them may not be so easy.

In addition, enterprises produce loads of content – documents, images, webpages, video files, emails, images, etc. Finding this information is not so simple either.

Mindbreeze InSpire collects all the data so employees can gather knowledge quicker, increasing efficiency in the workday. The best part is this requires just our one solution. By connecting data sources of all types (internal and external business applications), structured and unstructured data can solve all information needs, no matter the use case.

Finding people within your company so they can give input on a specialized project is simple with knowledge extraction from documents they authored or have communicated on.

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The remainder of our insight services consists of a toolbox of AI techniques to search and find content, ask questions and receive answers straight from company data, and provide on-the-spot insights to employee workflows.

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As we mentioned, one solution fits all, no matter what your company is trying to accomplish.

What is your use case? We have the right technology and experts to get you set up.

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Find the Expert: Use AI to Identify the Knowledge Carrier at Your Enterprise

Mindbreeze InSpire not only gives you the power to find information quickly and efficiently but gives you direction on where to go if you can’t find it.


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With Mindbreeze Insight Services, your workforce is equipped with more intelligence than ever before.

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