Knowledge Extraction with Mindbreeze Insight Services


What Can Be Achieved?

  • Creation of knowledge from structured and unstructured data
  • Building connections between entities
  • Discovering untapped company knowledge and potential

Mindbreeze’s Knowledge Extraction Service focuses on the semantic meaning behind the sentences and information in documents. It uses pre-built models to extract key information and meaning behind the entire information from different files/records and attaches it to labeled data.

If needed, models can easily be custom trained as well.

Knowledge extraction enables the creation of knowledge from both structured and unstructured data. New insights can be gained from linking extracted entities, allowing stakeholders to discover untapped company knowledge and potential.

For example, the Knowledge Extraction Service can analyze contracts by extracting date information and understanding the contract’s start date and end date, calculating its total duration.

Overall, knowledge extraction generates new information from the extracted entities. Differing from entity recognition and the process of locating the specific contract dates, knowledge extraction can sort contracts by end date in a 360-degree view for the user.

Please stay updated on our insight services and blog for real-world use cases and examples!

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