Part Two: Insight Engines are Your Best Friend at Work

Part Two: Insight Engines are Your Best Friend at Work

In part one of “Insight Engines are Your Best Friend at Work,” we uncovered the benefits of compiling information to generate knowledge and increased automation technology investments.

Part two will detail the power of made-to-measure knowledge, natural language processing (human and machine interaction) and shed even more light on how insight engines are becoming a constant companion for the workforce.

Measurable Knowledge for Ultimate Decision-Making

Daniel Fallmann, Founder and CEO of Mindbreeze, states in a previous article,

“From the millions of sensations that humans are exposed to every second, our brains subconsciously filter out all the information that isn’t necessary to cope with everyday life. In other words, the brain focuses on the essentials. In most cases, conventional knowledge management methods used by companies today are miles away from this ideal situation. Thousands of hits for every web search or an endless list of documents when searching in file systems are symptomatic of the current state of affairs.”

Insight engines can tell a different story. For example, Mindbreeze InSpire is designed to process information based on specific use cases and business areas. This ensures that only relevant knowledge of the performed functions is filtered through and fed to the worker within their daily workflow. The capacity to ensure only relevant information is filtered allows companies to avoid information overflow, providing workers in any business unit to receive high-level insights targeted to their role.

Avoiding information overload permits workforces to gather measurable knowledge and make accurate decisions relative to their tasks. For example, a customer service representative working with a client will have access to information related to supporting the specific customer and can proactively prepare their assistance strategies. The representative will not be bombarded with unnecessary information because of Mindbreeze InSpire’s filtering methods.

It is important to mention that the more use of the product, the more customizable results are, as the insight engine continuously learns from actual use and feedback.

Interacting with Machines using Natural Language Processing

Top-level insight engines like Mindbreeze InSpire use conversational platforms that authorize high-level and natural human-machine interaction. Natural language processing and natural language question answering technology make this extent of communication a reality, providing results in a visual format for ultimate comprehension. Mindbreeze InSpire search applications use this as the foundation for user-friendly configuration and intelligent visualization.  

A True Companion at Work

In 2020, Gartner shared that by 2022, 40 percent of employees will consult AI agents before making decisions in day-to-day business.

Daniel Fallmann stated,

“Conventional software bots can’t handle this task because, in reality, they don’t have anything to do with AI and only operate according to a manually created and stored decision tree. Conversely, insight engines can take advantage of the strengths of real AI.”

Insight engines have become a significant driver of digital transformation with their vast abilities of knowledge generation and a better understanding of company-wide data and patterns.

Insight engines serve companies accurately geared information to their users on a silver platter, the key attribute making them a faithful companion at work.

We invite you to reach out to learn more about insight engines and meet your new best friend at work!