Recent Mindbreeze Webinars: A Preview

Recent Mindbreeze Webinars: A Preview

Mindbreeze has hosted numerous webinars since the founding of our advanced insight engine.

Maybe, you have seen them, but perhaps you have not. Topics stretch from updates on our new releases to effortless migration and seamless integration while also covering a variety of compelling use cases.

To make them simple for you to find, we have compiled summaries and direct links below of webinars from the last few years. You can, of course, always visit our webinar archive as well.

What's New - Mindbreeze InSpire 22.1 Release

This expert-led webinar dives into the latest features of our Minbreeze InSpire 22.1 Release. Viewers can expect an in-depth rundown of searchable video content, semantic search, new connectors, and added upgrades to the Insight App designer.

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Corporate 360: Generate new insights for a competitive edge

Whether you know it or not, intelligence is scattered across your business. In a detail-oriented world with piles of data, companies must be taking steps to manage their information efficiently and truly understand its meaning. Consolidating the complete picture of your corporation's intelligence gives your entire workforce access to business-changing and revolutionary patterns and insights.

However, achieving this level of information finding is not always so simple.

That is where Mindbreeze InSpire and Automated AI-Systems come into the picture.

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Hands-on: How to apply Mindbreeze InSpire Text Classification Insight Service - AI at your fingertips

Contracts, invoices, orders, delivery bills, purchase orders, and countless documents are processed and handled by companies daily.

The challenge: all documents must be correctly categorized and assigned to the appropriate department to ensure productive work.

But how can documents be classified without creating elaborate sets of rules? How can this be applied to your company, and how can the AI perfectly adapt to your specific business?

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Bid Automation: Use your knowledge, win your customer

Tender processes can often be complex and time-consuming, requiring various information from various sources.

Before you rush headfirst into a bid process without a strategy for intelligent responses, it's always better to first ask whether it's worth the effort.

Instead of winning customers or contracts, poor responses will only result in a massive loss of resources.

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Seamless integration into your workplace

Having the correct information available at the right time is no longer a luxury in our fast-paced world. By viewing this webinar, you'll learn how you can access all the information relevant to you at the push of a button, despite dizzying amounts of data, varying formats, and different applications – all without leaving your familiar applications.

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