Searchable Video Content with Mindbreeze InSpire

We are constantly striving to optimize your search experience further and make new and innovative file content searchable for you on an ongoing basis. This includes audio and visual-based content such as movies or songs.

Information from our Release Notes

Microsoft Stream, for example, is one video service platform we are making available to you as a connector as part of our new release.

In addition, we are always happy to respond to your requests to index additional multimedia files or to develop a connector for you for the video service platforms of your choosing. For this, don't hesitate to reach out to your point of contact at Mindbreeze, or for new customers, contact us through our website.

The Business Value of Searchable Video Content

With Mindbreeze InSpire's support for indexing video subtitles, many previously obscured insights can be uncovered. Organizations often record meetings, seminars, and webinars for streaming later on. But, without the ability to search within the video content, information shared inside those videos can easily be lost or overlooked.

Searching transcribed video subtitles eliminates users' frustration when they might have missed something in their notes and need to review the original video file. Instead of trying to find the relevant portion of the video, users can now quickly search for and identify the segment of interest and even preview the subtitles to catch up on content without needing to play the video directly.

To go even further, Mindbreeze can be configured to recognize key entities inside video subtitles – for example, topics or locations – and then use those entities to filter or build 360-degree view dashboards based on an extracted topic.

When a Mindbreeze user searches recordings hosted on Microsoft Stream to find where the phrase "app only" was mentioned. The user triggers the query and is presented with a list of search results with "app only" included in the video subtitles. When they preview the video, the fully transcribed subtitle text is displayed and enriched with keywords highlighted in the search term.

The user reads through the preview and notes that "app only" is the authentication mechanism required for setting up the Mindbreeze SharePoint Online connector. If satisfied with this answer, the user can move ahead with their work without the need to open and play the video – saving users time and allowing the workforce to focus on more pressing matters.

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