The Government’s Knowledge Management Problem and Where Mindbreeze Helps

The Government’s Knowledge Management Problem and Where Mindbreeze Helps

Disorganized, scattered, messy, irretrievable, repetitive, and frustrating are just a few words we hear about specific government processes before working with Mindbreeze.

Government institutions seem to always be behind in adopting emerging technologies. Although they are slowly catching up, much more work must be done. Modernizing government operations with enterprise search and AI-powered knowledge management solutions is a destination all agencies should be heading towards. Just like any other industry, probably more than others, government workers need fast access to information so redundant everyday processes can be automated and knowledge can be put in the hands of the worker. Disregarding the AI/ML advancements of the 21st Century would not only be a mistake for the government and the people in it but also negatively impact taxpayers relying on different institutions for their needs.

Again, like every industry, tying data sources together with the ability to search for numerous file types and receive further insights on queried topics is necessary for proper knowledge management in government – including the ability to extract relevant data, classify documents, and establish relationships between different data sources. See Mindbreeze Insight Services

Mindbreeze InSpire provides a unique solution to various governments, branches, and agencies by creating a searchable index and offering users personalized 360-degree views of all relevant knowledge across the organization – all without the need for organizational changes or a hefty IT migration project.

Mindbreeze and The Public Sector

The public sector is responsible for many services people rely on daily, including agencies that help with infrastructure, education, transportation, healthcare, and welfare – basically, all the fundamental aspects that keep counties, cities, states, and countries running.

As an example, government agencies are required to maintain records on file for a certain period of time, leading to a massive number of documents being processed daily across multiple departments, offices, and agencies. The volume of public records and search terms is larger than one could imagine.

The influx of documents and data from various sources, including government websites, departments, applications, and databases, has forced this industry to find more efficient ways to search for information. Insight Engines provide an efficient solution to illuminate what the agency knows so the hardworking government employees know it too.

For governments across the globe, we are making intelligent enterprise search an integral part of their operations. Whether searching for public records, tracking permits, or data on the latest economic indicators, Mindbreeze helps them find and understand this information seamlessly and serves as the foundation for digitizing government information and content. See Government Case Study

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