The Mindbreeze InSpire Semantic Relation Insight Service

The Mindbreeze InSpire Semantic Relation Insight Service


The Mindbreeze Semantic Relation Service can build relations between different data sources and use data from one source to enrich data in another.

As an example, the Semantic Relation Service is able to draw connections between users and content that they’ve authored to determine who is an expert in a given topic. Semantic relations are also used in conjunction with machine learning for customers to build personalized relevance models for their searches.

Signals from Mindbreeze InSpire Analytics can be used to optimize the right insights for the individual.

In the case that changes are made to the underlying data, relations are updated in milliseconds between millions of documents.

Knowledge Graphs, Finding the Expert, and Organizational Charts

Touched on above and in the video introduction, people within your enterprise speak on topics, author documents, and create mountains of data on various subjects every day. The knowledge base is constantly expanding.

Using the Semantic Relation Insight Service, knowledge graphs are created to identify the true expert and best point of contact at a company for a given topic.

The same can be used to create organizational charts and identify who is in connection with who at an enterprise. At a large corporation, this is very helpful in pinpointing who works on what team and who their reporting manager is. Many customers are taking advantage of this feature.

To identify an expert at your company, data needs to be connected from various data sources. Connecting semantics from Microsoft Teams chats (or any other internal communication platform) with semantics from emails and published documents allows AI to search and find the best resource for the user – all in real-time and using the entire arsenal of company information. The insight service will display results in a detailed knowledge graph enriched with information.

Please stay tuned for more detailed use cases and information on how your company can benefit from Mindbreeze Inspire’s Semantic Relation Insight Service.

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