Understanding Your Enterprise’s Data with Knowledge Graphs

Understanding Your Enterprise’s Data with Knowledge Graphs

Your enterprise has data scattered across a wide variety of sources. The ability to extract that information and get meaning from it to make intelligent decisions is crucial to the state of your business.

Knowledge graphs can provide context and meaning to the data in a structured, understandable format.

An Introduction to Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs are sometimes referred to as the “brain of the company” due to being the Central Knowledge Platform.

A knowledge graph shows the relationship between real-world entities in an organized graph-structured model. The visualization and integration of data by uniting conventional search methods with innovative AI allow businesses to conceptualize the relationship between data points across all departments.


Knowledge Graphs in Customer Service

Customer service representatives have found knowledge graphs extremely beneficial with their day-to-day customer support. With Mindbreeze InSpire, a customer service representative can search for a single entity and access every piece of documentation and knowledge that exists on that specific entity within their enterprise.

If Customer John calls in, the representative can do a simple search and receive a 360-degree holistic view of them in seconds. The results will highlight his product level, support tickets he has filled out in the past, and all other implicit and explicit information regarding Customer John and his account.

The knowledge graph will connect all the dots of information and present them in an easily digestible way. All the relevant intelligence the agent needs to solve the problem is at their fingertips, and the customer can get top-of-the-line assistance in a timely and efficient manner.

Benefits Across the Enterprise

First and foremost, knowledge graphs can show an enterprise what their data means. Enterprises use a wide range of applications spread across numerous departments. The ability to access this data and metadata in a singular application allows for actual interpretation to occur.

The enterprise data landscape is ever-changing. New data is being created every single day. A strategic and proactive approach to locating and viewing this new data is prominent in making timely and impactful business decisions. Leaders must equip their businesses with a data fabric to combine external sources and internal silos to accomplish this in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Mindbreeze InSpire connects to various data sources of the company with the help of over 450 connectors. New knowledge will never go unrecognized!


For more information on using an Insight Engine to help uncover new knowledge and understand your data, please contact Mindbreeze.