Why Your Technology Solutions Should Be Masters Of Scale

Why Your Technology Solutions Should Be Masters Of Scale

To grow and overcome the classic hurdles to become a successful, innovative and respected technology company, large and small companies had to master scaling their business, their solutions and many other aspects along their path of expansion.

For a business, this means growing its customer base, developing partnerships and keeping the customers happy and engaged with high-level customer success management. Therefore, companies seek ways to scale processes and effectively manage recurring tasks. To achieve this level of scalability, companies see a tremendous need for a “single source of truth” and automation of different parts of their operation.

Automating Tasks

When it comes to automation, the age-old question is, how can you automate redundant tasks that you previously did manually? Whether searching for information on a topic, compiling data on a customer, tracking sales cycles, enhancing a chatbot to assist a customer, extracting critical information from a legal document or finding a resource within your company, the possibilities of automation are endless. With extensive research being part of many processes, the doors are wide open for enhanced practices within data analysis and management.

For example, solutions that compile your companywide data from internal and external sources are one way to help you scale masterfully without having to reinvent the wheel when a new use case is discovered. Many companies may seek to solve a single use case in one business area with a specific solution but fail to look at how the deployment will impact them down the road, whether it’s months or years later.

From my experience, companies always want to ease a single pain point, but once they see the impact, a light bulb goes off that more can be done with the same type of technology. It’s always an organization’s best bet to consider this before any deployment and choice of product.

Low-code or no-code are becoming essential features to a technology solution being scalable. IT leaders seek solutions that are user-friendly, and ease of use is a significant component of successful rollouts in multiple departments.

Scaling Properly And Using Resources Wisely

To evaluate solutions, companies must start by identifying processes that require a lot of resources. When a number of resources are part of a single process, the chances of making the wrong business decision are increased due to not having the complete picture. In this case, resources are used unwisely from an efficiency and economic standpoint.

Companies seek consistency, and at the end of the day, investments in technology are meant to chip away at stress caused by current digital processes. Although a learning curve will always exist in some shape or form with something new, having robust and scalable solutions make it more likely to achieve consistent outcomes and decision making in all areas of operation.

Asking questions internally and to the provider directly is crucial in ensuring scalability and identifying if a solution is truly a “master of scale.” For example, a data-based solution deployed to assist a customer experience team with gathering information on their clientele to develop best practices for engagement may also be impactful in generating insights for marketing and sales teams to close future sales. The very same information extraction techniques may also be relevant for a finance team to mine pertinent details from contracts and invoices.

Solutions that are masters of scale can cover all of those use cases without adding complications and can serve as the helping hand they were always meant to be.

Asking The Important Questions

What solutions are you currently using or looking to use? Do they possess qualities that make them easily scalable? If not, adding a completely different solution to assist your current approach may cause headaches and the need to spend substantial dollars down the road.

Solutions are innovating at a rate we’ve never seen before. Best practices suggest you find a solution that can do it all or, at the very least, integrate seamlessly into existing software and processes.


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