Workplace Technology Trends and Where They Are Headed

Workplace Technology Trends and Where They Are Headed

At the recent Digital Workplace Summit 2022 hosted by Gartner, several strategic technology trends were discussed.

Here are some key questions that ignited these trends, and business leaders are urged to consider.

  1. What digital tools do our employees need to work productively?
  2. How do we deal with the change to a hybrid model?
  3. How do streamline employees work?
  4. How do we get maximum success from our digital investments?

Answering these questions is crucial for digital transformation leaders to align all stakeholders, identify gaps in the digital employee experience, and design digital frameworks.

The total experience was a much-discussed trend we have written about in the past. The total experience looks at the sum of employee experience, customer experience (CX), digital experience, and even considers digital employee experience (DEX).

Gartner notes that 77% of employees see the connection between employee experience and customer experience. This percentage was taken from a Gartner customer experience survey of 1,212 people.

Another mentioned trend is the distributed enterprise. Work is now spread out and doesn’t only refer to a location.

In addition to location, you have the distribution of:

  • Teams
  • Timing
  • Methods of Completing Work

What used to be a few offices are now offices and homes. What used to be set hours of 9-5 is sometimes now a nonlinear schedule. Perhaps most importantly, employees are finally being measured by impact, not their busyness levels.

Hyperautomation was also discussed as a top trend. We also have spoken a lot about hyperautomation at Mindbreeze. For more details, check out our blog post.

Finally, the use of composable applications was a top four trend. This trend leads us directly into Mindbreeze Insight Apps, as composable applications expand value by allowing employees to personalize and design their workday applications using no-code development.

The Mindbreeze Insight App Designer contains a selection of design elements or widgets, such as filters, which can be combined just the way you want them without any prior programming knowledge.

For more information on the development of Insight Apps, we urge customers and partners to explore the course outlined at the top of the Mindbreeze Academy Online Course Page.

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