Automating the bid management process with Mindbreeze InSpire
Save time on research and responding to tenders

To grow swiftly and profitably, a company must optimize its resources and win new business.
Bid management is one of the most time-consuming and intense processes within an enterprise.

In this highly competitive market, it is crucial to leverage technology and the existing data within your
company to achieve business-changing results.


With baby boomers retiring at an alarming rate and a worker shortage, the company wanted to explore
automating its bid management process without adding headcount.

The company also wanted to avoid burning out its current employees managing numerous bids at
once. They needed a tool to help save time and eliminate stress without sacrificing the quality of
their tender responses. The company decided to integrate Mindbreeze InSpire to help organize and
automate its processes from start to finish.


Mindbreeze InSpire indexed the entire organization’s data sources and allowed the bid teams to search
for all information related to the tender in a singular application. During the research phase, this gave
the company a clear and quick view if specific contracts fit their profile and were worth bidding over.

Mindbreeze InSpire allowed bid writers to copy questions directly into the search field and
immediately provide them with matching answers. The application also allowed users to upload a
word document or excel sheet containing the complete questionnaire and generate every response all
at once using existing company data and previously answered tender documents.


After receiving a demo and going through a trial period with management and their bid team members, the company saw the value in working with Mindbreeze.
The company chose the hybrid implementation option and is now rolling out our solution to more departments across the enterprise.

Target Achievement

The implementation of Mindbreeze InSpire allowed the company to optimize its resources and save its employees valuable time. With multiple responsibilities in the bid management teams’ workflow, automating the tender process led them to accomplish more in their workday.
Mindbreeze InSpire led the company to recognize showstoppers early on, make decisions quickly regarding participation or not, conserve resources (less time, fewer employees, fewer costs), and utilize every piece of knowledge within the enterprise’s data sources.
On top of these achievements and perhaps, most importantly, the company was able to win more contracts and stabilize the cash flow of their business by giving timely and thorough responses to tenders.

Bid Automation Step1


Copy a question into the searchfield.
Mindbreeze InSpire provides you with a matching answer.


Bid Automation Step2


Upload an entire questionnaire.


Bid Automation Step3


Download the newly created document.

Bid Automation Step4


Mindbreeze InSpire automatically generates suitable answers based on your existing company data.


  • Five bid managers within the company
  • 1,200 bid requirements per month
  • 900 searches for highly specific information per month
  • 60 searches for finding the expert per month
  • 1,040 hours per year lost by not reusing existing information
  • With Mindbreeze InSpire, 1,800 hours per year saved (150 hours per month)