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Unlock the full potential of your enterprise data with the interaction of Insight Engines and Large Language Models

Insight Engines and Large Language Models

By integrating prompt engineering techniques, the collaboration between Mindbreeze InSpire and Large Language Models elevates natural language understanding to unprecedented heights.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, enterprises constantly seek ways to gain a competitive edge, make informed decisions, and achieve breakthrough growth. The combination of Mindbreeze InSpire, an insight engine, and Large Language Models offers a brilliant solution that propels organizations to the next level of knowledge management, revolutionizing how data is understood, accessed, and utilized.

Large Language Models on Mindbreeze InSpire


The true magic happens when Mindbreeze InSpire joins forces with Large Language Models, such as the remarkable GPT-4.

Language models possess an extraordinary capacity to comprehend human language and ultimately generate responses and insights that are remarkably human-like.

Deeper Understanding

Seamlessly navigate your enterprise data by extracting insights and understanding its meaning.

Enforce Access Rights

Safeguard your sensitive information and ensure that only authorized individuals can access it.

Validate and Reference

Effortlessly validate and reference the sources of your insights at any time with full reliability and transparency.

Security & Trust

Keep your data on-premise, in our SaaS, or in the cloud, without a difference in the outstanding power and features.

Natural Language Understanding

By integrating Large Language Models, you empower your users to communicate naturally and intuitively with your data.

Skyrocket Your Growth

Gain an enormous competitive advantage by harnessing the untapped potential of your enterprise data with the interaction of Mindbreeze InSpire and Language Models.

Daniel Fallmann

"Generative AI (GenAI) and tools like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm. However, for these technologies to be used professionally in companies, numerous challenges must be addressed – for example, data hallucination, lack of data security, permissions, critical intellectual property issues, expensive training costs, and the technical implementation with confidential company data. Mindbreeze InSpire solves these challenges to form the ideal basis for making Generative AI the best fit for enterprise use."

Daniel Fallmann
Founder and CEO of Mindbreeze

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Generative AI Demo

See how Generative AI and Natural Language Question Answering is made possible within any Mindbreeze InSpire Insight App through Language Prompt Engineering technology.



Natural Language Question Answering

Mindbreeze InSpire NLQA Use Case

Retrieval Augmented Generation

Mindbreeze InSpire RAG Use Case

LLM with semantic answer search

LLM with semantic answer search

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