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Answering customer inquiries, preparing, processing, and finalizing bid and tender documents are usually extremely time-consuming, because a lot of information from different departments is required during the processing procedure. In addition, numerous different people are usually involved.

However, this process must be handled with the utmost care, as success often results in long-term customer relationships.

Mindbreeze BidForce helps to simplify and accelerate this process while increasing quality.



Numerous advantages for your business

Precise pre-selection

Don't let unsuitable tenders hold you back any longer. Rely on Mindbreeze BidForce and evaluate any exclusion criteria early on.

Find information quickly and get consistent answers

Find the information you need for RFPs in seconds and save yourself and your team time-consuming manual research.

Continuously learning

Mindbreeze learns from your successful bids and those that were not successful to provide you with the best possible response suggestions in the future. Responses from winning alerts are weighted higher accordingly.

Save important time

The shortage of skilled workers affects us all. With Mindbreeze BidForce, you can increase the efficiency of your bid response despite a lack of personnel. In addition, you help new employees be productive faster since they can access the comprehensive information pool.

Linking multiple teams

Do your employees work decentralized but still simultaneously on the same tenders? Ensure an all-encompassing knowledge transfer with the Mindbreeze Insight Engine.

Experts always at hand

Find exactly the contact person you need to answer a specific question at the touch of a button with our solution.

Perfectly integrated with your sources

Microsoft SharePoint Logo

Microsoft SharePoint

Mindbreeze BidForce is able to analyze and enrich all tender and customer documents in Microsoft SharePoint and make them available to users with pinpoint accuracy. A comprehensive graph index enables semantic understanding of your information.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Do you use Microsoft Teams as a central point to assign tasks, discuss issues, agree on procedures, review documents, and ensure deadlines are met? Integrate Mindbreeze BidForce directly with Microsoft Teams and leverage your corporate knowledge seamlessly and efficiently.

Mindbreeze BidForce Logo

Mindbreeze BidForce integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint Online and Teams, allowing users to perform searches directly in the application without having to leave their familiar work environment.

Mindbreeze enables seamless integration into your workplace

Respond to inquiries with high quality and speed

Your customers are worth it!

  1. Link your information on products, customers, and tenders
  2. Raise the tender process to a new level of quality with increased efficiency
  3. Answering customer inquiries and tenders can be fun when you are winning new business. Mindbreeze BidForce helps you celebrate even more closed deals.

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