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Applied AI that works. Let’s join forces to provide your customers with one of the best AI-based knowledge management products on the market.

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Our partners are crucial for the success of our customers. Mindbreeze InSpire supports businesses of all sizes and across all industries to tap into their knowledge and use it to generate added value. By combining your years of industry expertise with our extensive product knowledge, you can offer your customers the best AI-based knowledge management solution on the market.

Increase your team’s success with Mindbreeze InSpire, the cutting-edge insight engine.

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Do your customers work on compelling knowledge management projects in the areas of AI, search, and information insight?
If so, as a product partner, we’re a great fit.

As a value-added reseller, you enjoy all the privileges of a Mindbreeze partnership. You’ll gain access to valuable resources, programs, and tools, and will reap the wealth of benefits that our consulting, technical support and Academy teams have to offer.

Join the Mindbreeze community – a community that empowers you for growth, helps you boost your sales opportunities, and most importantly, delivers your customers a reliable and future-proof solution. Customer satisfaction and continuous innovation are two of our core strengths.

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