What's New - Mindbreeze InSpire 23.7 Release

In this webinar, Benjamin Jones and Joshua Cole will present all the new features in detail and demonstrate how to configure them. Especially in the field of generative AI and large language models, we are pleased to present you with great innovations again!


16:00 CET / 09:00am CST


30 minutes

We are delighted once again to be able to introduce you to a number of new features as part of our Mindbreeze InSpire 23.7 Release:

  • Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat
    With the Mindbreeze InSpire 23.7 release, Mindbreeze InSpire offers a new way of gathering information. Customers can now use the Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat to obtain relevant facts in natural language. In addition, a link to the source of the information is provided so that the user can find out additional context for the answer. With these changes, the Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat can answer user's questions and immediately offer summarised information in natural language.

    Read more about the Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat in the Release Notes   


  • Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat Pipelines based on Insight Services for Retrieval Augmented Generation
    Mindbreeze InSpire Insight Services for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is a new functionality which enables Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat. Support of multiple connectors ensures the recency and relevancy of the answers. Customers can immediately use configured connectors and find pre-indexed content in the Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat.

    Learn more about how Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat works 
  • On top of that, we've carried out a number of updates to our connectors again, alongside a variety of technical enhancements and security-related modifications.
    See more updates in our Release Notes 


Joshua Cole

Joshua Cole

Senior Sales Engineer
Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Jones

Key Account Manager


  • Introduction to the latest features
  • Demonstration of how the latest features can be used
  • Technical details on how to implement these features
  • Q&A