3 Ways Mindbreeze InSpire Eases the Workday for Employees

No matter the use case, no matter the department, Mindbreeze InSpire’s goal is to eliminate burdens and hurdles employees may experience during the workday. We aim to cut down time and boost productivity with our solution for intelligent information insight and easy access to large stacks of corporate information. This blog will explore three key ways the Mindbreeze team and Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine are doing so for our many clients across the globe.

Here are three ways Mindbreeze InSpire eases the workday for employees.

1. You don’t have to leave the workplace applications you are comfortable in

‍Feeling comfortable is a good thing, so Mindbreeze wants to help you hold onto that feeling. While sometimes, deploying new technology across your enterprise can feel overwhelming to management and their staff, integrations with Mindbreeze are truly seamless. Whether you are at your office space or your living room, Mindbreeze works behind the scenes of your favorite business applications. There is no need to minimize or quit applications such as Salesforce, Outlook, or SharePoint to perform a search because Mindbreeze will be right there. You can perform any query or receive insights on the material as it is being worked on. Cutting down the back and forth between different windows and applications directly cuts down the stress and time it takes employees to complete their work.

2. Don’t get up or ping your coworkers with unnecessary questions

‍We know the importance of having an open dialogue with your colleagues, so we are not saying to never send them a message or have a chat with them by the water fountain. We’re just saying that you don’t always have to. A majority of the knowledge a colleague shares will be coming from something they have worked on. Instead of waiting on response times or a colleague to double-check a document, with Mindbreeze InSpire the intelligence is already at your fingertips. By connecting company data sources and getting rid of departmental silos, you can get quality answers to your questions in seconds, ensuring you meet deadlines on your own terms and not someone else’s.

3. Research is part of everybody’s job, so we minimize how long it takes

‍To do any task you need information. Marketing needed information to write this very blog. Sales will need information to personalize their call to a lead. Support teams will need information to help a customer troubleshoot. Accounting and purchasing departments will need information to complete invoices and contracts. Knowledge from previous work and communications will always come in handy. Mindbreeze’s enterprise search will show you exactly where it is and highlight the essential parts for your use. No more doubling up on research you already did and spending hours shuffling through your memory and files. Starting from scratch is completely unnecessary.

Enterprise search, and more specifically, Mindbreeze InSpire gives you access to quick information finding and top-of-the-line knowledge management. We do the parts that don’t make sense for employees to do, allowing the entire organization to be more confident and effective.

Want to ease your workday and see the benefits of enterprise search? Try us out and contact us today!