Dialog-Based Knowledge Management for Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence is one of the major trends in the manufacturing industry. In addition to classic application scenarios, intelligent knowledge management is increasingly coming into focus.

The manufacturing industry often operates incredibly efficiently with many complex and interlocking processes, making a smooth exchange of information very critical. An overview of all data from different applications and seamless information interfaces between sites or production layers form the basis for efficient and productive work.

Insight engines have increasingly established themselves in companies in order to be able to call up information at a glance and control processes accordingly.

Insight Engines - More than a Classic Enterprise Search

Insight engines combine classic enterprise search technologies with artificial intelligence and enable rapid, resource-efficient access to corporate data. To achieve this, they bring together all information from various corporate data sources into a search index. When a search query is made, the Insight Engine searches connected specialist applications or databases, analyzes the content, extracts information and makes it available to the user in the appropriate format.

Unlike traditional search technologies, Insight Engines enable conversational communication through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In order to learn linguistic nuances, similarities and meanings of different sentences, Insight Engines use different speech recognition technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). While NLP ensures that the Insight Engine correctly processes human speech, NLU ensures the correct interpretation of the user's intention.

Despite the imprecision and ambiguity of human language, insight engines are able to correctly deduce the user's intent from the question and align all results accordingly. Rather than lists of results, users only receive answers relevant to them, enriched with context-specific information and clearly presented in personalized dashboards. This level of personalization makes the Insight Engine an effective tool for the entire company, for example, in predictive maintenance, in bill of materials management, for knowledge exchange in shift operations, or in the topic of Digital Twins.

Predictive Maintenance

In predictive maintenance, Insight Engines show correlations between the individual components or processes and detect whether systems are functioning faultlessly or whether a machine failure is imminent due to components that may soon become defective. Sensors installed directly in the machines measure real-time data such as pressure, temperature, or vibrations. An Insight Engine enriches this (basic) data with additional information from maintenance logs, plans, technical documentation, as well as personal experiences of experts – allowing a detailed presentation of all available information regarding maintenance and logistics of the component, data on contact persons, and experts or previous problems. Instead of rigid maintenance intervals, companies can react dynamically and agilely – reducing maintenance and inspection costs.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

Parts lists are an extremely important source of information in manufacturing companies. They document the different parts or assemblies that make up an end product and form the basis for correct assembly as well as determining requirements, procurement, and workflow planning.

This requires a large amount of additional information about suppliers, availabilities, quality inspections, orders, etc., from different data sources. Instead of manual, time-consuming and tedious research in all the different systems, Insight Engines are able to link company data across sources and provide users with an overall view (360-degree view).

Knowledge Exchange in Shift Operation

Particularly in cross-plant manufacturing processes, the exchange of information between the sites and shifts is essential for smooth operation. Any incidents and deviations must = be registered and recorded in accordance with regulations while also communicated to employees on other shifts and at other locations. Insight Engines create necessary transparency and provide employees with 360-degree views of all events and changes, regardless of location or working hours. 

Digital Twins

Digital twins hold enormous potential for the manufacturing industry. Digital images of real products - from microchips to airplanes can be used to quickly simulate business processes, develop solution strategies, and identify and implement optimization options.

With an Insight Engine working in the background, Digital Twins can be quickly created, complex relationships swiftly identified and clearly shown. By doing so, changes can be simulated, and possible effects and reactions checked in advance. Instead of developing expensive prototypes and running through lengthy test chains, companies can develop services even before they are demanded by customers and manage existing resources such as materials, time, and personnel in line with requirements.

The preparation of data is playing an increasingly important role for companies, and AI-based applications are also increasingly being used for this purpose in the manufacturing industry today. Insight engines support a wide variety of application scenarios by clearly preparing the relevant information. This enables companies to react quickly and identify optimization potential.

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