Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Your Business Applications

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Your Business Applications

SharePoint, Slack, Salesforce, Zoom, ServiceNow…the list goes on and on.

Workforces have a variety of business applications that can be overwhelming.  Learning each application, switching back and forth, navigating, and understanding how each is used is an ongoing hassle that businesses must manage.

Many companies resist adding “another tool” because of this concern.

Adding Mindbreeze InSpire to your repertoire is not just adding another tool.

Mindbreeze InSpire makes current tools more impactful by putting clear dashboards of relevant information directly inside the applications and illuminating information inside them.

Too many tools mean you need Mindbreeze more.

We put data from all applications into one location with data connectors and AI-powered knowledge management techniques.

A core benefit of Mindbreeze is that you don’t need to spend ample time teaching every application your company uses.

Mindbreeze makes the entire process easier with seamless integration and high-quality knowledge-finding features.

Check out the Mindbreeze connectors and how we seamlessly integrate for more information.