In Case You Missed It: Podcast Episode #1: “Understanding Business Information”

In Case You Missed It: Podcast Episode #1: “Understanding Business Information”

On January 16th, 2023, we released our first episode of the new Mindbreeze Podcast: Illuminating Information. In the series, experts discuss how companies can embrace corporate knowledge to be better, smarter, and more innovative in their approaches to knowledge management. 

In case you missed it, episode #1 is filled with insights on understanding business information and properly grasping your company-wide data. 

Episode Description

Understanding business information is a prerequisite for all corporate success and innovation. Being one of the most important resources in every organization, companies need intelligent ways to manage it so they can turn information into knowledge that is easy to grasp. Corporate information continues to accumulate, doubling every 2-3 years.

This episode addresses how to manage intensified data from all data sources to fit user’s needs and specific business processes.

How can information work for you while it is scattered? What tools can companies use to generate 360-views of various entities and processes? Examples of specific use cases are discussed with an emphasis on customer service and support, as well as a deeper dive into exactly what a 360-degree view means for businesses.

Other topics discussed consist of utilizing proper knowledge management to reduce headaches and save money for organizations worldwide. Find out more in this insightful and exciting episode featuring the Founder and CEO of Mindbreeze, Daniel Fallmann.

Where Can You Listen?

We put the podcast below for your listening as well.