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Understanding Business Information

Episode 1

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Understanding business information is a prerequisite for all corporate success and innovation. Being one of the most important resources in every organization, companies need intelligent ways to manage it so they can turn information into knowledge that is easy to grasp. Corporate information continues to accumulate, doubling every 2-3 years.

This episode addresses how to manage intensified data from all data sources to fit user’s needs and specific business processes.

How can information work for you while it is scattered? What tools can companies use to generate 360-views of various entities and processes? Examples of specific use cases are discussed with an emphasis on customer service and support, as well as a deeper dive into exactly what a 360-degree view means for businesses.

Other topics discussed consist of utilizing proper knowledge management to reduce headaches and save money for organizations worldwide. Find out more in this insightful and exciting episode featuring the Founder and CEO of Mindbreeze, Daniel Fallmann.


Daniel Fallmann

Daniel Fallmann

CEO and Founder Mindbreeze
Jeremy Wise

Jeremy Wise

Head of Content North America

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Uncover and Extract Your Hidden Information

Episode 5

Information and insights are often hidden in plain sight within company data & documents. Insight engines can reveal this information and allow companies to get the most out of their data. Why is uncovering information important for enterprises and what information can be found within files and documents? This episode welcomes Joshua Cole, a Senior Sales Engineer at Mindbreeze.

Insight Engines and Continuous Innovation

Episode 4

For customers to succeed with insight engine rollouts and other knowledge management systems, continuous innovation and staying updated on the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends are required.

How can companies thrive and ensure deployments are as smooth and seamless as possible? Topics centered around this idea are discussed in this episode.

Generative AI: Where Does it Fit into an Enterprise? - with Dr. Kirk Borne

Episode 3

We have a very special guest on today’s episode. We talk with Kirk Borne, a top AI influencer since 2013. From his LinkedIn Bio, Kirk is the Founder of the Data Leadership Group (Data Scientist. Top Influencer. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant) and Advisor to DataPrime Inc., but in the episode, you will see his background exceeds much more than this!

Automating Sales Processes Within Your Enterprise

Episode 2

This episode addresses how companies can utilize the power of automation to generate more sales and nurture relationships with potential and existing clients.

Illuminating Information - Trailer


We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast Illuminating Information!

This podcast will take a deep dive into transforming your company data into information and then into knowledge that can be used for sound decision making and enhancing business processes in efficiency.