Innovations of the Mindbreeze InSpire 24.2 release

Curious about the important innovations of the Mindbreeze InSpire 24.2 release? Read the following blog post to learn more!


Entity Recognition Rules for Interactive Exploded Views

With the Mindbreeze InSpire 24.2 release, users can access detailed information in documents with just one click. In addition, the Interactive Exploded View supports users in finding information. For example, a material list can contain links to the individual components or an organization chart can display the email addresses of the relevant people. This detailed information is also available in the 360-degree view.




Easier installation of the Outlook add-in and browser plug-ins thanks to client notifications

The Outlook add-in integrates the powerful search function of Mindbreeze InSpire into the Microsoft Outlook search. Similarly, a browser plug-in enables users to obtain additional information when searching the Internet. 

With the Mindbreeze InSpire 24.2 release, users are informed about the Outlook add-in and browser plug-in via notifications and can start the installation with just one click. 




Optimized Similarity Search

Thanks to the optimized Similarity Search, Mindbreeze InSpire displays the five answers with the highest relevance and matches access rights more clearly. This provides easier access to relevant information. Additionally, the optimized setting "Transform Terms to Similarity" further increases the quality of the search results.


You can find detailed information on our innovations and features in our release notes.

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