Keep Planes Flying: An Aerospace Case Study

Keep Planes Flying: An Aerospace Case Study

How can centralized data make airplanes fly? For our customer, this was the core question we had to answer.

Mindbreeze has helped and continues to help our customers ensure maintenance is performed proactively and issues are prevented due to early warnings.

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The Problems:

  • Information about airplanes is scattered across hundreds of data sources.
  • Employees at major airlines are conducting hours of manual work to identify maintenance needs.
  • An unexpected grounding due to maintenance issues costs millions of dollars.


So, how did Mindbreeze help?

Interactive BOM Diagrams:

  • Allows employees to click through products within seconds to quickly identify components and find data.
  • Allows employees to hover over components to see essential data about maintenance.

Mindbreeze 360-Views:

  • Create dashboards with live reports about maintenance tasks and deadlines.
  • Integrates data from multiple sources in one standard, personalized view.
  • Updates in real-time with accompanying notifications.


What Happened?

There are fewer planes grounded & the company has increased revenue and margins!

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If we can do this for airplanes, we can do it for your maintenance use case too.