Keep Planes Flying

How centralized data helps airlines fly

Maintenance is performed proactively and issues are prevented due to early warnings from Mindbreeze.


Information about airplanes is scattered across hundreds of data sources. This info is often product specifications and maintenance guidelines, and none of this info can be ignored.

These circumstances mean that employees at major airlines are conducting hours of manual work to identify maintenance needs. That’s all BEFORE they fix anything!

Managing a handful of planes without AI help is feasible, but any continental or international airline has more than a handful of planes.

These realities are made even worse by the cost of mistakes. An unexpected grounding due to maintenance issues costs millions of dollars and damages brand reputation.

Many airlines cannot afford processes that create reactive, emergency maintenance.

It damages the bottom line and reputation amongst customers.


Interactive BOM Diagrams:

Click through products within seconds to quickly identify components and find data

Hover over components to see essential data about maintenance

Mindbreeze 360-Views:

Dashboard with live reports about maintenance tasks and deadlines

Integrates data from multiple sources in one standard, personalized view

Updated in real-time with accompanying notifications

Data Sources:

Intranet/Internal File System

Maintenance System

Product Manuals and Specifications


Fewer planes grounded & Increased revenue and margins

Planes keep flying when airlines use Mindbreeze. Routine and emergency maintenance is completed efficiently, and less time on the ground means more time flying and making money for the business.

Often, this means identifying where supply should be adjusted to align with demand. By putting real-time product data in personalized and customizable dashboards, Mindbreeze empowers product teams to focus on ways to grow sales based on that data.