Let’s Talk about Information Insight for Maintenance: Scan and Search

Let’s Talk about Information Insight for Maintenance: Scan and Search

Mindbreeze tackles information insight and knowledge management needs for all industries and all types of workers. You can see from the blurb below and on our webpage for functional areas using Mindbreeze InSpire.

Mindbreeze InSpire is being utilized in a diverse range of business areas, including customer service, maintenance and repair, project management, and human resource management. The search applications designed for these functions are tailored to the specific requirements of each business area, creating a solid base for supporting business process transformation as well as for everyday work, such as using the software as a research tool or for creating graphically processed summaries.

With Mindbreeze Insight Services and our wide range of artificial techniques, users across all industries can ensure relevant information is in their hands to complete their work efficiently.

Innovative approaches to knowledge management set all functional areas up for success.

One area where searching for information keeps on innovating is maintenance.

In maintenance, companies can see the complete scopes of their machinery and machine parts to consistently make quick and accurate fixes. The ability to extract information from all sorts of documents and files on specific components puts maintenance workers in a position to succeed.

Scan and Search – Machinery is often marked by some sort of “code.” Rather than manually searching for a specific piece of equipment, companies can trigger a query by simply scanning the part number. This ensures all information and monitoring analytics are tailored to the exact machine, not just the type of machine. We have seen this being utilized by numerous customers during the production process.

Maintenance is part of any company that uses machinery to make parts for products, but maintenance also exists in the regular office space.

No matter the equipment, anything that works can be broken.

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