Mindbreeze InSpire Data Security

When it comes to software products, security is mandatory. We have all seen horror stories of major data leaks, many of which are a result of irresponsible security standards by the product itself or even customers not doing their due diligence on the software products they purchase.

With so many solutions on the market, especially in the field of AI and knowledge management, data security should be the standard and not even a worry to customers when using the product. Mindbreeze InSpire follows all protocols to make this a reality and allows customers to carry on the use of the insight engine with complete ease of mind – because with Mindbreeze InSpire, we don’t leave security and data privacy up to chance or ever in doubt.

At Mindbreeze, we take security seriously, and our commitment is reflected in our comprehensive approach to security, certifications, and compliance measures.

Certifications & Compliance

Mindbreeze InSpire holds several certifications and compliances, including being SOC 2 Type II certified and GDPR compliant. These certifications serve as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding sensitive data and handling personal information with the strictness and diligence required by global standards.

Data Encryption & Protection

Our data encryption and protection measures ensure end-to-end security for your information. We employ AES 256-bit encryption to protect data at rest and TLS 1.2+ for data in transit. These robust encryption protocols create a fortress of security around your data, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and breaches.

Additionally, our prevention of data exfiltration features robust controls that actively minimize risks associated with unauthorized data exports, providing an extra layer of protection against data breaches.

Access & Authentication

Access control and authentication are fundamental aspects of our security framework. Every access request undergoes authentication, seamlessly integrating with your enterprise's identity provider. Strict permissions enforcement ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data, with real-time reflection of permission changes to maintain data integrity and security.

Hosting & Indexing

We offer flexible hosting options, allowing you to choose between SaaS, on-premise hosting, Microsoft Azure, Google Marketplace, or AWS to best fit your organization's needs. Our granular indexing controls empower you to decide what Mindbreeze InSpire crawls and indexes, including the ability to prevent certain search term results, further enhancing data security and privacy.

Audits & Monitoring

To maintain industry-standard compliance and ensure the ongoing security of our platform, we conduct annual SOC 2 Type II audits. These audits serve as a regular check to validate our security practices and provide assurance to our customers.

In addition to audits, we implement robust vulnerability management practices, including consistent tests, penetration assessments, and audits to preemptively spot and resolve security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

User & Data Management

Client isolation is a key feature of our platform, with dedicated accounts for each Mindbreeze InSpire customer to separate data and application processes. Access controls mirror your existing security rules from corporate and app-specific directories, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive data, further enhancing security and compliance.

Through our comprehensive security measures, certifications, and compliance efforts, we provide peace of mind to our customers, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while knowing that their data is in safe hands.

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