Mindbreeze InSpire is Available on AWS Marketplace

Mindbreeze InSpire is Available on AWS Marketplace

If you didn’t know already…

Mindbreeze InSpire is available worldwide via Amazon Web Services.

For a subscription via Amazon Web Services, only a valid Mindbreeze license is required. Interested parties can obtain their "subscriptions" in the usual way and are immediately able to operate Mindbreeze InSpire in their AWS environment with the so-called bring-your-own-license model (BYOL).

Key Benefits:

  • Data storage of the preferred AWS location:
    Take advantage of AWS's scalable, reliable, and secure global infrastructure
  • Seamless use:
    Benefit from the easy and seamless use of our intelligent Insight Engine
  • Uncomplicated licensing model:
    Mindbreeze licenses can be extended and topped up easily and quickly
  • Cloud first strategy:
    With this option, we provide you and your company significant support for your cloud strategy
  • AWS environment and costs:
    The AWS infrastructure is purchased directly by you, so you can take full advantage of your Amazon framework/volume contracts for computing power with Mindbreeze InSpire

Are you a customer in government?

In addition to the GSA Schedule, Mindbreeze's availability in the AWS GovCloud offers straightforward and exciting deployment opportunities, especially with US government agencies.

Are you already a Mindbreeze customer?

Easily switch your data location to AWS. This is not associated with any additional costs from Mindbreeze. The associated expenses are only those of the hosting service (e.g.: upgrade for on-premises customers).

Are you already using a variety of applications via AWS?

By purchasing a Mindbreeze license, you have the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art Insight Engine extensively in your familiar environment and benefit from the advantages of intelligent knowledge management.

Are you interested? Visit our webpage and connect with our experts about operating Minbreeze InSpire in your AWS environment.