Mindbreeze Podcast Presents "Delivering Content Management Solutions: A Mindbreeze and Fishbowl Partnership”

We are excited to share Episode 10 of the Mindbreeze Podcast: Illuminating Information – Delivering Content Management Solutions: A Mindbreeze and Fishbowl Partnership. For all episodes, please visit the podcast page located on our website.

Episode 10 Guest: Tim Gruidl

As the president and founder of Fishbowl Solutions, Tim has been the driving force behind its success since 1999.

Tim’s expertise in delivering content management solutions, passion for technology, and genuine commitment to customers and partners have paved the way for the company’s growth and innovation. Fishbowl creates packaged software and develops custom solutions using the latest Oracle, Google, Mindbreeze, and PTC technologies.

Episode Details:

Tim joins us and gives us a fantastic overview of the Mindbreeze and Fishbowl Partnership, the value-add of integrating PTC Windchill, the kind of companies that typically do so, and some of the work Fishbowl has on the horizon.

Tune in for some success stories and the power of partnerships in the software space.

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