Mindbreeze receives Web Accessibility Certificate (WACA) for web accessibility

We are excited to announce that Mindbreeze has been awarded the Silver Certificate for Web Accessibility by the WACA initiative and the independent certification body TÜV Austria.

As a representative sample for the entire Mindbreeze InSpire cloud search web application, a use case in both German and English was selected for the certification audit. Mindbreeze meets the requirements of WCAG 2.1 - AA to a high degree and therefore received the silver certificate.

The following criteria must be met for the Web Accessibility Certificate Austria (WACA) in Silver:

  • Website largely complies with WCAG 2.1 - AA success criteria
  • All content is accessible to all users
  • The basic functionality is accessible to all users without restrictions
  • Parts of the extended/optional functionality are more cumbersome to use for some users, but still widely accessible

WACA is Austria's first and only quality seal to make accessibility on the web recognizable to the outside world according to the international W3C guidelines. The certificate of the WACA initiative and the independent certification body TÜV Austria is intended to ensure accessibility for all people on the professionally tested website.

For more information on Mindbreeze Security Certificates, you can visit our webpage!

For more details on the Web Accessibility Certificate, visit the WACA website.


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