Mindbreeze – The Gigafactory for your Mailroom

Mindbreeze – The Gigafactory for your Mailroom

Vienna. While I was enjoying my delicious breakfast, I skimmed the latest articles of theverge.com on my smartphone. Suddenly I happened to encounter an article. An article about Tesla’s new visionary production factory “Gigafactory” in the middle of the desert. Eagerly soaking in Musk’s predictions line by line about the future of business, the inner fire that had already been ignited, reached its culmination point reading the following:

“Musk argues that applying engineering effort to refining the production process is a better use of man-hours than trying to wring the last little bits of efficiency out of his cars. An engineer working on improving the factory line is five to 10 times more productive than that same effort put on the product that's actually being built.” (Source: theverge.com)

Awesome. But why? Why did these two phrases contain the potential to make me erupt in joy during today’s breakfast?

For this, we need go back 4 weeks. Monday, July 4th 2016. I was a student full of expectations, longing for the chance to put his theoretical input of university into practice. Mindbreeze, an internationally operating IT-company, provided me with an incomparable opportunity to do so. An opportunity to assuage my hunger for international experiences. Having embarked on my journey to Germany, Switzerland and Austria, I was step by step introduced to the product itself. By automating the processing of companies’ mailrooms, it enables businesses to speed up and make their business more effective. It takes all the incoming mail, both digital and analogue, analyzes the content and extracts data. When Mindbreeze then grasps, solely based on the content, that the received document is for example a love letter for the CEO or a fine for a colleague for speeding. It then can automatically store the extracted information in the company’s system in the categories “love letters” and “fines” and consequently forward them to the right person. This is done completely automatically without requiring a curious colleague at the post office reading through all the letters and e-mails.
For me, it is a product that seems to be overwhelming. A product designed by the most dexterous computer geeks at Mindbreeze. A product that keeps what it promises: It inspires.

This leads us back to the starting position: Me sitting at the breakfast table reading the article and starting to shake out of excitement. Elan Musk, the father of PayPal, the mastermind of Tesla who has shown more than once that his flash of genius might have the potential to change the world, has just fixed his most recent goal: Automation. Striving for the optimization of processes, increasing the speed by even reducing costs. An indeed desirable goal for every entrepreneur.
And it is Mindbreeze, the company I am doing my internship with, that has sets its sights on helping companies to reach this very goal.

To read that the wunderkind of Silicon Valley predicting an increasing need for automation in the competitive market environment of the 21st century, was an unbelievably great boost and endorsement to be part on this successful path at Mindbreeze.