The Value of Artificial Intelligence for Business Decision-Making

The Value of Artificial Intelligence for Business Decision-Making

Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating the digitization and automation of business processes. While innovative tech is helping your business processes, it also gives momentum to new competitors in the space. Companies must continuously rethink their organizational structure to make correct and quick decisions.

The chance of making a wrong decision increases in complex situations and under tremendous pressure. A comprehensive knowledge base puts companies in a better position to avoid mishaps in their decision-making.

In these situations, AI is an enabler and supports different departments needing to adapt or make a strategic move.

Insight Engines are equipped with AI and are more than just an upgrade of classic enterprise search.

Insight Engines combine the known technologies of enterprise search with AI methods to analyze existing company data and prepare it in the proper context.

Fixing and Improving Search: All company data is included in the search when a search query is made. In contrast to classic search solutions, Insight Engines permit queries to be made in natural language.

What does this mean? It means you don’t have to change how you would typically converse.

Like a normal conversation, questions are asked and concrete answers are generated.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can process natural language in a computer-based fashion with the help of rules and algorithms – allowing the Insight Engine to understand the content and convert it into meaningful knowledge. Learn more about NLP.

As a result, the technology can identify, analyze, interpret, and understand search queries and the content compiled in the connected data sources. Complex relationships between nuggets of information are quickly recognized, linked to other data, and presented.

Deep learning allows the Insight Engine to keep learning and continuously optimize search performance. Learn more about deep learning.

360-Degree Views of Any Business Process: Insight Engines prepare information in personalized 360-degree views. Users receive individual and designed dashboards depending on their use case, department, role, and access rights. Users have a complete overview of information related to business processes, business relationships, ongoing projects, and more.

Accessible information is fundamental in making educated business decisions.

Rather than losing valuable time searching, employees can focus on pressing tasks and do their jobs efficiently. The consolidation of corporate data leads to a better assessment of risks.  

Don’t be the company that makes wrong decisions because your information is hard to find!

With increasing data volumes, it is becoming more and more critical for companies to recognize the potential of their data. If you’re looking to make profitable decisions, data is your treasure.

Join us, and don’t diminish the value of your precious data.

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