Trend #1 for 2023: The Necessity of Relevancy for Specific Departments

Trend #1 for 2023: The Necessity of Relevancy for Specific Departments

Information is vital for every department, but not all information is applicable to every department. With that being said, Mindbreeze takes necessary steps to ensure each department is receiving information from data sources that are valuable to them.

It is not new information that the workday for a sales executive looks different than that of a developer. So, why do some solutions on the market feed search results and insights related to jobs that don’t have anything to do with one another? The short answer is that they are not using relevancy models innovatively the way Mindbreeze InSpire does.

We discuss that “views of relevant information for the department” will be a top trend in 2023 in our blog and whitepaper available to download: Five Trends 2023: The focus is on the sustainable use of information.

The key to how we optimize relevance for specific departments is summarized as,

“Mindbreeze InSpire looks at a vast amount of different actions and signals to pinpoint which results are relevant…We use query information and activity, action paths, click rates, and even simulate sessions to help detect the most relevant results to a specific search. Actions taken within the insight app trigger our telemetry, and data from these actions are analyzed – such as which documents are clicked, how long they were open, how deep it was scrolled, and many other aspects.

Knowing this information paints a clear picture of which documents users benefit from and which provide less value…Users can give direct feedback regarding relevance. User feedback is provided through interactive means, such as voting systems. In addition, our insight app is equipped with parameters to model the behavior of user profiles. These parameters help predict the relevance for other users based on language, location, role, and additional organizational information.”

Check out more in our blog discussing the actions Mindbreeze takes to optimize relevancy.