Trend #5: A Sustainable Future

Trend #5: A Sustainable Future

The fifth and final trend revolves around the idea that the future will be sustainable – which is relevant on many technological levels.

Trey Norman, COO of Mindbreeze, shares:

“Sustainability manifests itself on many levels. According to Gartner's "Top Strategic Technology Trends 2023," sustainable technologies form a framework of solutions that helps achieve greater sustainability. Investments in sustainable technologies also have the potential to improve operational resilience and financial performance while opening up new growth opportunities.

All in all, 2023 is all about the information itself and its sustainable use. Modern insight engines that unite a variety of data sources under one roof, condense information, and deliver it precisely and tailored to the respective application help companies act more efficiently, successfully, and sustainably.”

As we look back on 2022 and shift our focus to 2023, we urge customers seeking technology solutions to put a large focus on sustainability. In addition to the points mentioned above, sustainable solutions leave you less vulnerable to risk while allowing your workforce to thrive as people come and go.

In IT, sustainability can come in many forms.

  • Human Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Environmental Sustainability

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