Using Mindbreeze InSpire Across Functional Areas

All departments can benefit from quick information finding presented in 360-degree holistic views.

A 360-degree view of information accounts for all relevant data in every data source. It generates a complete picture for the user directly in their workflow – applicable to all departments and any entity or use case.

Let’s look at two functional areas today. Please see our list for more details.

Customer Service – Customer service is one of the most pressing jobs in today’s atmosphere, as people look for quick resolutions and availability 24/7. Informed overviews of the product, FAQs, company documentation, and previous tickets are the secret weapon for agents today.

Mindbreeze InSpire simplifies customer service by:

  • Optimizing the entire service chain from self-service to the support desk to the experts
  • Enabling personalized communication with customers, which lays the perfect foundation for rapid, targeted problem solving
  • Providing an efficient way to nurture customer relationships and prevent customers from switching to the competition
  • Minimizing information loss
  • Stimulating employee efficiency and productivity – optimizing the KPIs

Legal – Proper legal work requires copious amounts of details on laws, regulations, processes, and more. Expectations are through the roof with the high cost of lawyers and constantly changing legal conditions. An in-depth understanding of business concerns and specific cases is mandatory in the legal profession.

Mindbreeze InSpire supports legal departments by:

  • Extracting the information that is currently required, as well as analyzing and linking it intelligently to create a 360-degree view
  • Incorporating information from external data sources (such as national or international legal databases and regulatory authorities)
  • Providing a powerful research tool for employees
  • Providing a comprehensive overall view for making critical decisions with consistency

Integration and Digital Workplace

Embedding Mindbreeze into applications users are already using creates consistent workflows that customers can always rely on – a fundamental prerequisite for the future of knowledge management and integration.

Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook are just a few of the many applications!

Because of these capabilities, Mindbreeze remains a reliable option for digital workplaces in Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

Interested in exploring more for your specific use case? Contact us today.

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Functional Areas

Mindbreeze InSpire is being utilized in a diverse range of business areas. Mindbreeze makes sure no department is left behind.