Using Mindbreeze InSpire Across Functional Areas: Part Two

Using Mindbreeze InSpire Across Functional Areas: Part Two

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In addition to the functional areas covered in the above blog, customer service and legal, there are so many more Mindbreeze InSpire can handle for companies and their knowledge management needs.

And remember…our insight engine has integration capability into existing workflows and popular applications workforces are already comfortable using.

With that said, here are two more functional areas that receive great value from Mindbreeze InSpire and the 360-degree views of information created by the insight engine.

Finance and Accounting – With new data being created at rising speeds, finance and accounting departments face challenges in ensuring analysis is up to date.

We mention the following on our website:

“With ad-hoc requests involving complex questions, employees in controlling frequently spend a great deal of time merging data from different sources and preparing it clearly in an Excel spreadsheet or database before passing it on.

This is precisely where real-time data availability plays an increasingly important role. Ideally, the information provided should include all available events to present the most accurate view of the company.”

In addition, companies involved with investment strategy need to be aware of sentiment on specific trades or stocks – a vast area where automation can come into play and extract the necessary information to lead clients in making intelligent investments.

Mindbreeze InSpire proves itself in finance and accounting by:

  • Analyzing and intelligently linking the available information to create a 360-degree view
  • Understanding questions in natural language
  • Complying with legal regulations and verifying access rights for each query
  • Efficient knowledge management using methods of artificial intelligence Supporting employees in their day-to-day work
  • Providing the foundation for fact-based decision making

Maintenance – Poor maintenance and failing machinery can cause significant disruptions in the supply chain. Quick and smart fixes is essential for businesses to be sure these disruptions don’t cause major halts in operations. Mindbreeze InSpire works to minimize downtime and generate connections between different components in machinery and equipment – allowing workers to precisely target where the issue is. All relevant details are presented in customized dashboards for the worker to process easily.

Mindbreeze InSpire for maintenance enables companies to:

  • Identify the optimal time for maintenance
  • Safeguard the production capability
  • Boost productivity
  • Maximize profitability
  • Optimize capacity utilization and machine performance

Because of these capabilities, Mindbreeze remains a reliable option for digital workplaces in Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

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