What's new in the Mindbreeze InSpire 24.3 release

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Natural Language Question Answering Optimization

The NLQA (Natural Language Question Answering) feature allows users to retrieve information directly and intuitively through search queries in natural language. The latest version of Mindbreeze InSpire further optimizes this feature. This includes the standard activation of language-independent document processing by the Sentence Transformer without the need for additional configuration.
In addition, the response displays have been improved and the analysis of search queries with NLQA has been made more precise thanks to optimized instrumentation in app.telemetry. 
These new features provide Mindbreeze InSpire users with more efficient NLQA for information retrieval and improved tools for analysis.

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Update of the API standard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Mindbreeze InSpire 24.3 release changes the API standard of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector to REST API. Mindbreeze customers do not need to make any adjustments, as new connectors automatically use the REST API and existing connectors continue to work. Furthermore, the crawling of annotations has been optimized by updating the API standard.
To use REST API with existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM connectors, customers simply activate this manually via the "Use REST API" setting. Please note that only Kerberos and app credentials are available as authentication options.


Reducing access points to resources leads to even greater security

To enable functions such as downloading the Outlook add-in and opening Microsoft Office documents, Mindbreeze InSpire accesses certain resources. With the new Mindbreeze InSpire 24.3 release, Mindbreeze InSpire requires far fewer access points to these resources. The familiar functionality of Mindbreeze features, such as the Outlook add-in, is retained. This optimization not only reduces the number of access points, but also increases the security of Mindbreeze InSpire.


You can find detailed information on our innovations and features in our release notes.

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