What's new? We present the latest innovations in the Mindbreeze InSpire 23.5 release

What's new? We present the latest innovations in the Mindbreeze InSpire 23.5 release

We are pleased to present you the latest innovations and features in our Mindbreeze InSpire 23.5 release.

We have summarized the highlights for you below:

Direct link to the answer in web documents

With the Mindbreeze InSpire 23.5 release, you can now jump directly from Mindbreeze Search to an answer in an HTML document. This feature makes it easier for users to understand the context of answers from web documents by displaying relevant passages directly on the source web page.

By clicking on the result or the link to the document, Mindbreeze InSpire automatically navigates to the corresponding passage in the source document in a new window. The answer is highlighted in color to make it easier to find. This functionality is automatically applied to HTML documents. Please note that only Chromium-based browsers support this functionality.


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App.telemetry usage statistics dashboards now are available for answers

To optimize the search experience, a comprehensive understanding of end-user search behavior by Mindbreeze administrators is essential. The integration of Fabasoft app.telemetry provides administrators with a unified interface to gain valuable insights into user behavior and improve the search experience accordingly.

To facilitate the administration of Insight Apps with the NLQA feature, the Insight App Reporting Dashboards have been enhanced. This enhancement enables automatic visualization of telemetry data for Answers in graphical form. Administrators get a quick and accurate overview of trends as well as end-user feedback to make targeted optimizations.

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Verification of the requirements of the CIS Benchmark Level 1 Profile

In addition to the already tested U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) security guidelines, the Mindbreeze InSpire 23.5 release has now been tested to meet the requirements of the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark Level 1 profile, which includes product enhancements.

The CIS Benchmark is an established guide that provides prescriptive configuration recommendations for more than 25 vendor products. This benchmark is the result of consensus-based work by cybersecurity experts worldwide. It is used to consistently secure systems against threats and enable a higher level of confidence in security measures.

Additionally, some technical improvements and extended connectors are a part of the new release.


Detailed information about our new features and improvements can be found in our Release Notes.

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