Why Faster is Better for Insights

Why Faster is Better for Insights

Organizations are only starting to get to the place where they are able to strongly focus on data quality. This evolution is still only at its beginning. Until we harness the power of data quality into the hands of employees, data will struggle to become impactful in organizations.

Contextual Data

A key challenge with data quality is maintaining its cleanliness and context. This obstacle can come from the fallout of business continuity and disaster recovery to the more organization specific like naming challenges and data corruption. It can be avoided by a combination of data scanning, data replication, data integration and data recovery. But despite these preventative measures, all of these areas are gaps that prevent big data from being as strong as it needs to be for organizations to use it to their advantage.

Regardless of volume, big data must be effectively analyzed without threatening the original files and context. This means that companies must figure out how to connect all their data sources into an integrated system that can glean insights from the original data formats.

Faster Insights

The race to accelerate big data is happening across industries such as healthcare, finance and marketing. For instance in the healthcare sector, the volume of data and demand for information means doctors need an efficient document search tool. This can include metadata in the hospital information system environment and simple information querying to provide better patient care so that the precious moments they spend with patients are not wasted while manually finding information.

Use cases like this reflect the start of the need for faster data.

Faster big data isn't just about creating a data world where data flows faster within technology. The big picture also addresses the end-user experience where data connectors and visualization are integrated into the technology as the final product rather than raw numbers the user has to comb through. Many organizations have more than enough data sources, they just need to implement the final step of a solution that will allow all employees to capitalize on their organizations’ wealth of information.

The most data-savvy organizations of the future will prioritize effective and real time use of data to inform decisions throughout the organization. The companies that focus to become truly insight-empowered will derive value by connecting all information from throughout the entire digital organization and support each different department and facilitate outstanding performance through enhanced insights.