Why Large Enterprises Must Be Able to Find the Expert

Why Large Enterprises Must Be Able to Find the Expert

When an enterprise has thousands of employees, people often struggle with knowing who to speak with for a specific business use case. With countless teams, divisions, and ongoing projects, employee skill sets can easily get lost in the mix. In large companies, people may not know or even have interacted with half of their colleagues.

So, how do you know the lessons learned from completed projects and who spearheaded them? Every role has successes to capitalize on and mistakes to avoid.

What is the best way to scale and share this knowledge across an entire enterprise?

Using Mindbreeze InSpire to generate holistic views of data so that all relevant elements of a topic or project are displayed on easy-to-use dashboards is one of the best ways to share knowledge we have seen in the market. The content displayed on the personalized dashboard can include subject matter experts, relevant documentation, project timelines, and a search box to query for more details if needed.   

Sales and Account Management: A Popular Use Case

In sales, knowledge management is vital for salespeople to head into meetings prepared. In addition, if a customer is closed, account managers, project managers, and operation teams need to know what is what. At this hand-off stage, companies typically reach a knowledge gap because the next man up is not nearly as informed as the salesperson on the deal's frontlines. An Insight Engine provides a full 360-degree view of all the data needed to deliver a complete, comprehensive, and transparent hand-off. With Mindbreeze InSpire in place, a project or account manager can see, scale, and reuse the lessons learned during the selling phase. Also, if someone in legal needs to review the customer's contract, they can easily do so. Whoever may need the information can access it if they have the proper data permissions.

In this instance, the entire picture is available to analyze customer patterns, behaviors, and needs – this is also where the find the expert feature comes into play. Just because you communicated with the salesperson at the hand-off stage doesn't mean they are the only ones with knowledge about the deal or the customer's pain points. The dashboards created from various data sources will showcase who has done what for each customer, similar customers, or authored relevant documents and FAQs on the specific topics in question – this information can also be searched and saved to ensure the best person is being reached.

Now, you can use innovative tools that automate finding domain experts and even track down those hidden in deep layers of text.

Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Acronyms

To find the right expert at the right time, companies must possess a powerful built-in taxonomy as part of their database structure. A company's taxonomy is a specific language unique to your organization and processes. While many acronyms are widely popular, others may not be.

Using Mindbreeze InSpire, businesses can implement tags and synonyms for built-in taxonomies, ontologies, and acronyms.

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