Case Studies

Automating the bid management process with Mindbreeze InSpire

Save time on research and responding to tenders

Boosting customer service in the B2C sector with Mindbreeze InSpire

Greater customer satisfaction through intelligent information processing

Finding Information – A core component of knowledge management

Oberbank AG, Austria

Intelligent bill of materials management with Mindbreeze InSpire

Efficiency for parts lists in audio electronics

Membership service of the highest level

ADV (Data Processing Work Group), Vienna

Mindbreeze InSpire in Retail

How intelligent search applications provide support

Mindbreeze InSpire in the aviation industry

Efficient knowledge management in the aircraft maintenance sector

Mindbreeze InSpire in the Energy Industry

Proactive Knowledge Management for Support Professionals

Mindbreeze InSpire in the pharmaceutical environment

Making consistent decisions thanks to artificial intelligence

Mindbreeze InSpire in the telecommunications industry

Cross-application research tool for efficient information provision

Optimizing the Incoming Mail Service through Automated Incoming Mail Classification

The Wüstenrot Group

Pioneers In Efficient Information Provision

Chamber of Commerce, Upper Austria